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No more CRAMPING ...

"I typically alternated between GU and Roctane on my long runs and Nuun drink tablets in my water bottle. During long training runs, I started having a few stomach issues that I thought were caused by meals the nights before those long training run. During a 50K, I had issues half way through the race and knew it was the Roctane. Cheese quesadillas saved the day, but I decided it was time for something new. I found the Crank Sports website and liked the easy to use comparison chart. I thought I'd give e-Gel a try.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any testing time before my next race. I had to break the golden rule and try something new on race day. I loaded my belt with e-Gel and crossed my fingers. I ran the 2016 Chevron Houston Marathon and it was a great experience. No stomach issues and no muscle cramping. Water in my bottle and an e-Gel every hour got me through the race. I'm not the fastest runner, but I set a PR of 4:50:42 and did not feel destroyed after crossing the finish line.

I am big fan of Mountain Rush and Cherry Bomb and those flavors will be loaded in my belt from this point forward. "
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Jeff Rommel
Houston, Texas
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I recently completed a half-iron distance triathlon with a brutal bike course. At the end of the ride my quads started to cramp. I nursed an e-Gel over the first mile of the run and the cramps abated. I thought it may have been coincidence, but when the cramps resurfaced at mile 7 only to resolve with another e-Gel I was sold. I only drank water on the run and took e-Gel, so I feel confident that this product made the difference. " (...read more)

Bruce English
Waynesboro, Virginia
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I am 35 years old and completed my third marathon, Top Of Utah. Figuring out how to stay hydrated and prevent muscle cramps during long runs and races has been one of my biggest challenges. In the past my muscles would ache and twitch and cause me a lot of pain after long runs. I tried Gatorade and other carb gels but had a hard time finding something that was easy on stomach, kept me from cramping, and helped me avoid bonking. I came across Crank e-Gel this summer" (...read more)

Keith Castleton
Maricopa, Arizona
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"40 miles into a 56 mile ride in the desert with two big hills I started cramping, and had to stop several times. The next week I did the same ride with e-Gel and had no cramping despite it being over 100 degrees. My hydration was the same, so I have little doubt the e-Gel played a big part in keeping me going that day." (...read more)

Sam Albrecht
Big Bear City, California
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I used e-Gels exclusively and exactly as directed in training for the Lakefront Marathon. This was my fourth marathon and I did not expect to PR, but just to complete it well. But the weather was perfect, the training paid off, and with the help of e-Gels taken at miles 2, 7, 13, 18, and 23, I took 10 minutes off of my marathon time and never hit the 'wall' or cramped as I had done in previous events. Some guy laughed at me at the start asking why I had so many gels. I told him I had a plan and I was sticking to it. I'm pretty sure I passed him somewhere around mile 22." (...read more)

Mary Rogers
Springfield, Illinois
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I have always had a problem with leg cramps in the 2nd to 3rd hour of an event depending on intensity. I've been using e-Gel and e-Fuel since January of this year. It is the only thing that I have changed in my training and racing protocol. I did Lavaman olympic distance in Hawaii and never cramped (2nd). I did Wildflower olympic distance in California and never cramped (4th). I've done both of these races a number of times in the past and cramped every time. I haven't cramped on any long runs or rides this year.

I know it is a short sample period. The combination and concentration of electrolytes in the Crank products seems to have solved my problem. I've never written a testimonial before, nor do I take much stock in them. None of this may work for you. It seems to work for me."
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Gregory Allen
Mill Valley, California
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"e-Gel and e-Fuel kept me strong on my first Adventure Race! I gave this product a try and was a little skeptical of how it could really work. Well, after the 5 hour bike ride up a mountain and a 1.7 mile run to the top of a mountain in between... I had no doubts. e-Gel also helped my teammates get through dehydration, exhaustion and cramps. Awesome!! We will have e-Gel with us on all of our races. " (...read more)

Atlanta, Georgia
Sport: Adventure Racing
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I'm training for Ironman Florida and during the summer months here in Florida, long bike rides take me into some really hot and humid weather. I've been struggling for 6 weeks with cramping every time my ride hit 60-65 miles in length. I read about e-Fuel and after two rides of 80+ miles with no cramping, I'm a believer!" (...read more)

David Tucker
Brandon, Florida
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Fuel   

"After having difficulty in races where my gastric system would "lock up", I found that I simply couldn't handle gels and electrolyte pills frequently enough to support my needs. I knew that I was still in need of significant calories for my races and a friend introduced me to e-Fuel.

The calorie content and large amount of electrolytes were a perfect balance for my training and racing needs. In addition, because dissolves fast, it was easier for me to increase the concentration without worrying about trying to swallow a thick, clumpy drink.

At Ironman Wisconsin, I raced with 2 bottles of 4x concentrated e-Fuel (800+ calories per bottle) on the bike as my primary nutrition. Using eFuel helped me surpass my goal and register a 13 hour finish time with no cramping or stomach problems. "
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Shaun Gallagher
Tampa, Florida
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Fuel   

"I tried all sorts of hydration and electrolyte-oriented solutions over the years, and none of them made any difference. I finally did enough research to figure out that cramping is a fuel issue ... the muscles need hydration, electrolytes, and *fuel* and if you don't provide all 3 you're asking for trouble. e-Gel and a bottle of water is the complete solution for me..." (...read more)

Eric Coppock
Longmont, Colorado
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel   

"Crank Sports ROCKS!!! I am a triathlete and I have always had a problem with cramping on the run after consuming copious amounts of sports drink on the bike. With e-Gel and e-Fuel I don't cramp, I stay hydrated, and get more out of my training. e-Gel allows me to drink water and eliminate the cramps that come with the sugars in sports drink. I also love the fact that I can put a few pouches of e-Fuel in my bike jersey and I have instant support for those long bike rides. Your product is great and I am recommending it to all of my friends." (...read more)

Brett Daniels
Woodstock, Georgia
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"The Los Angeles Marathon was a death march! The temperature at the start was in the lower 80s and climbed to 90 by the time I finished the race. Many people suffered from heat cramps and vomiting, and had to be pulled off the course. But I did NOT suffer from any of those problems, which was probably due to the high sodium content of the e-Gels I ate during the race; I ate 5 of them!" (...read more)

Lisa Kaspin
Los Angeles, California
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I have been using your products now for the past year and have really noticed the added sodium content on long training rides and in longer races. I have not been experiencing any cramps, and the texture of the gels is great. The gels are easy to swallow and wash down with water while I am running or cycling." (...read more)

Mac Brown
La Jolla, California
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"Been using your products for sometime now. Took a bit of a break from them, and decided to try some other brands. Using the competitors products, I was continually having leg cramps after 60 miles of riding. I switched back to e-Fuel, and no more cramps! Just finished a 110 mile 11000 feet climb this weekend! Couldn't have done it with out e-Fuel! Thanks" (...read more)

Jerry Sanders
Glendale, California
Sport: Cycling
Products Used: e-Fuel   

"I just completed my first across the state of Florida (coast to coast) bike ride - a one day event 170 miles, Sunrise to Sunset. I finished my 170 miles using 7 e-Gel packs, my ride took 10 hours to complete, averaging 17 mpg, facing a 10-15 mph head wind the entire day." (...read more)

Lithia, Florida
Sport: Cycling
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I have used e-Gel and e-Fuel for many years now and nothing compares to it! I initially tried the e-Gel as a mid-distance runner, and for the first time didn't experience stomach cramping. During my collegiate soccer career, I found e-Fuel to be the best drink to prevent heat exhaustion - which playing in the humid Florida heat was hard to escape!" (...read more)

Michelle Kuhnen
Asheville, North Carolina
Sport: Soccer
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I recently ran my first half-marathon and was having trouble during my long-run training with quad cramping. I tried various products without much improvement. I came across e-Gels late in training and only got to try them once before the race, but during the race (and since) they worked great. I took them 45 minutes in (5 miles) just as i started to feel the cramping, and immediately felt relief. Took a second at 97 minutes (11 miles-lesson learned: find out where water stops are before the race) when my legs were really tight; took a little bit but they once again relaxed and i was able to pick back up to my normal pace." (...read more)

Jab Buckley
Lincroft, New Jersey
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"Great product for an old duffer with cramp issues. I've about conquered cramps with better training and good shoes but have to give most props to e-Gel. No other product I've used has allowed me to train for and run in events harder and for longer than the E-Gel. Several of my running amigos agree.

You da bomb! Da Cherry Bomb!"
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Mike Villierme
Sacramento, California
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I had been experimenting with assorted gels for the Vision Quest Mountain Bike Endurance race. I started with Crank E-Gels, then Cliff shots(yuck), power gels( sugar/sryup fest) and all the others. Finally I went back to the Cranky-gels and was happy again! Crank really works, I started to cramp after ripping up the first set of climbs. Then about a 1 hour in and every hour after, I tore off, one by one the 6 packs of gel I taped to my frame. With every Crank-E Gel I consumed my leg cramps magically disappeared. Crank E-Gel saved my race!" (...read more)

Joe Crouch
Irvine, California
Sport: Triathlon, Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I was introduced to e-Gel by a fellow marathoner after I ran the Madison marathon in May. During the Madison race, as in others, I had problems with dehydration. I know I lose a lot of salt in a long race, but sports drinks don't agree with my stomach. Only being able to drink water, it was simply impossible to get enough electrolytes with other gels.

This past weekend I ran a 50-mile ultramarathon, the second year I ran the race. Last year, I also had problems with dehydration and muscle cramping. This year, having used e-Gel in training over the summer, I used e-Gel, and ONLY e-Gel, during the race--13 packets of it--with water. Despite the day being about 15 degrees warmer than last year, I managed my hydration well AND cut over an hour off my time by being able to run "harder, faster, longer." I attribute the better hydration to e-Gel. Also, the larger pack size, and greater calorie count, were both assets during a long race."
(...read more)

Michael Voelker
Pulaski, Wisconsin
Sport: Running, Ultra Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I used to get leg cramps at about the 9-11 mile mark, but I believe since switching to e-Fuel, the electrolytes have eliminated that problem." (...read more)

Don Mrla
Whittier, California
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"GET CRANKED! I have tried every gel, and as far as I am concerned, all of e-Gels competitors are just day old gravy. I recently entered a 24 hour climbing competition where keeping from cramps, and maintaining energy and psych levels were the key. I brought home the gold, climbing 4200 feet, and e-Gels were a big part of the reason why." (...read more)

Jeremy Collins
Kansas City, Missouri
Sport: Climbing/Hiking
Products Used: e-Gel   

"On July 8th I rode the Prouty 100 mile fundraiser for cancer at Dartmouth in NH with Debbie Chase and Carrie Nourjian. We finished in 6 hrs and 40 minutes and felt great the whole way thanks to e-Gel and e-Fuel. kept a consistent energy level during the ride by switching from e-gel one hour to fuel the next. Not bad for 3 women around 50 working fulltime trying to make time for rides in-bewteen busy schedules. There were 2000 riders that day who raised over a million dollars for cancer research;great effort everyone. The most important thing for me to mention about the use of the e-products is that I never have stomach problems or cramps anymore, can feel the energy instantly after ingesting either the liquid or the gel and always feel like I can keep going even when I am tired from a long ride. e-Fuel is great to drink while spinning inside during the winter also. Love the products and keep coming back for more." (...read more)

Leslie Campbell
Stowe, Vermont
Sport: Cycling
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"After cramping bad in my first two marathons (Chicago, Twin Cities) I decided to try your product. I have been pleasantly surprised. Along with good hydration I have not cramped in any of my training runs and completed the Houston Marathon in my best time and with no cramps ! I am now ready to train for the Marine Corp and will have e-Gel in my belt for all my long runs. A great product !!" (...read more)

Chris Perry
little rock, Arkansas
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I have been using e-Gels for my marathons (and long-run training) for over 2 years. I am convinced that e-Gel is the best -- for sodium and potassium replacement and for the 150-calorie energy boost. The taste is pretty good, and they digest easily with water just after gulping down an e-Gel pack. Bonking (or cramping) at the 20-mile mark of a marathon due to insufficient energy/electrlyte replacement happens; but, with e-Gel, no bonking or cramping for me. " (...read more)

David Greenblatt
Dallas, Texas
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"Whenever I would do long rides in the heat I would suffer from cramping during the rides and headaches afterwards. Since I've been using the e-Gel and e-Fuel I haven't had any of these issues. These products taste great and they really work. I was skeptical thinking that all the gels were the same, but there's definitely a difference. I won't ride without them.
(...read more)

Rich Sims
Hayward, California
Sport: Cycling
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"Since adding the new product into my work out; I now ride harder and longer with no cramps yet!" (...read more)

David Hawkins
Winchester, Virginia
Sport: Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"Being a runner (and an older runner at that), I have had leg problems for quite sometime. I have tried everything - strengthing my inner core (pilates, physical therapy, etc.) and even though these things helped, consuming e-gel made the biggest difference. I don't understand why - maybe some of the medications I take screw up my electrolyte balance or maybe I simply am not getting enough electrolytes - but e-gel (along with motrin!) seems to be one of the important pieces to the puzzle!" (...read more)

Curtis Jones
Niwot, Colorado
Sport: Running, Cycling
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I am a very active 60 year old women that bikes, kayaks, skis and distance walks, AND has been a diabetic for 40 years. I decided to enter my first marthon this summer. I was fortunate in discovering this absolutely wonderful product. I take a E-Gel packet to begin and then every hour and check my blood sugar. With the use of E-Gel I can keep my blood sugars up and not bonk. A very important thing to a diabetic! I feel so good the whole time I am walking and finish my walks with so much energy to spare, I manage to clean my house etc. I LOVE IT!.

I should mention that I no longer have leg cramps because of the potassium levels in this product. I have been spreading the word to all my friends,"
(...read more)

Nicki Riddle
Lewiston, Idaho
Sport: Walking
Products Used: e-Gel   

"e-Gel is doing a perfect job in keeping me re-fuled and highly energized through long endurance events. I just completed Half-Ironman distance event, where I consumed 12 packs of e-Gel. I felt energized throughout the event, and had no side effects whatsoever (cramps, stomach issues, etc.). " (...read more)

Yishay Yovel
Sunnyvale, California
Sport: Running, Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel   

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