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Mountain Biking with e-Gel and e-Fuel

"My buddy and I were riding home after a 40 mile training ride-1/2 downwind, 1/2 upwind on the way home. My friend bonked 10 miles out against a 25 mph headwind. We stopped. I administered to him my coveted e-Gel. He complained-wondered if it would make any difference. 10 minutes later he was back on his bike, riding hard, and saying, "This stuff is incredible." He now buys from Crank Sports. I always thought our experience was a simple but elegant testimony." (...read more)

Steve Bull
Burns, Oregon
Sport: Cycling, Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Gel   

"Never believed in these drinks. Thought it was all a marketing scam just like Gatorade. I recieved samples at a running event and decieded to try it on a mountain bike ride. I noticed a huge difference than just comsuming water and snacks. I thought this was a fluke. The next time I used the product I had much more stamina and a very strong bike ride. Also I never feel as wasted from a long ride. After serveral more rides you have made me a customer. Now, I never leave without an e-Fuel drink on a long bike ride. " (...read more)

Mingo Velez
Mission Viejo, California
Sport: Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"30 minutes into a 3 hour mtn bike ride today I started to feel weak & shakey and considered turning back. Grabbed an e-Gel from my jersery, washed it down with water, and felt 100% again within 5 minutes!" (...read more)

John Sefcik
Pineville, Louisiana
Sport: Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I use e-Gel for cycling and it does help extend my level of energy and boost performance when I should be slowing down (bonking) due to depleted electrolytes in my body.

This product, along with good hydration has boosted my ability to perform at higher levels for a longer period of time. The clock doesn't lie and faster times means something is working to help me and e-Gel is that something.
Affordable and effective is a good combination but having this delivered to your door means it's convenient too.

Good stuff, thanks for bringing it to us Crank Sports!"
(...read more)

Bill Sattler
Mountain Dale, New York
Sport: Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I attempted a Big Bear Mountain Ride which summits at 8443 ft. without "E" Fuel and failed. 1 month later with "E" fuel, the ride was no problem. This is the BEST energy drink I have tried. Better than Accelerade or Cytomax." (...read more)

Shawn Carlisle
Highland, California
Sport: Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Fuel   

"I had been experimenting with assorted gels for the Vision Quest Mountain Bike Endurance race. I started with Crank E-Gels, then Cliff shots(yuck), power gels( sugar/sryup fest) and all the others. Finally I went back to the Cranky-gels and was happy again! Crank really works, I started to cramp after ripping up the first set of climbs. Then about a 1 hour in and every hour after, I tore off, one by one the 6 packs of gel I taped to my frame. With every Crank-E Gel I consumed my leg cramps magically disappeared. Crank E-Gel saved my race!" (...read more)

Joe Crouch
Irvine, California
Sport: Triathlon, Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I tried your products on the recommendo of a friend who is an aspiring pro mountain bike racer. I am a Master Expert class racer and have always had problems with proper intake of carbs during a race or long training ride due to an extremely high calorie utilization ratio. (Substrate Utilization) in medical speak. I tried Crank Sports e-Gel AND e-Fuel and with the ratios of complex to simple sugars and the larger sizes and overall convenience of use I am now a believer.I can't wait to see my results this next race season with e-Fuel and e-Gel on my side. Thanks." (...read more)

Guy Spiher
Winston Salem, North Carolina
Sport: Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I am an avid Ice Hockey player and Mountain Biker and have been using GU Gel and a variety of sports drinks for sustained energy. I noticed a significant improvement in my energy level and duration. Both e-Gel and e-Fuel provide energy that doesn't feel like a rush like other products produce. I have also noticed that I don't crash after a hockey game or mountain bike ride like I did on other products. Plus, I never get a stomach ache like I would with other products. I am telling all of my fellow athletes about how e-fuel and e-gell are much better than any other products I have tried." (...read more)

Brett Vogel
Yorba Linda, California
Sport: Hockey, Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"Thanks for a great product, originally used e-Gels for long-distance bicycling but now I take them out ice climbing, mountain biking, and mountaineering. There's been plenty of times I've been close to running out of juice and after 1 or 2 gels, some water, and 10 minutes to process, I'm feeling 100% again. I'm doing a cross-country bicycle trip this April and just bought two cases to help get me there. " (...read more)

Joseph Connolly
Anchorage, Alaska
Sport: Cycling, Climbing, Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Gel   

"There's no substitute for good and consistent training, but with e-Gel it's just takes me to the next level. With e-Gel you just keep going, going, going and going. What an incredible product!!!!!!!! I should finish my second marathon with no problem. " (...read more)

Romeo Batac
Irvine, California
Sport: Mountain Biking, Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I have been racing MTB for about 8 years now, but only this past February I did my first 12 hour race. It was an amazing race this was the first long race where I used the e-Gels. They were of great help or I would say of the help, since the e-Gels were the only food I consumed during the 12 hours. I dont know but eventhough I didn't eat anything else I felt that was one of my strogest races." (...read more)

Osias Lozano
Orlando, Florida
Sport: Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Gel   

"Since adding the new product into my work out; I now ride harder and longer with no cramps yet!" (...read more)

David Hawkins
Winchester, Virginia
Sport: Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

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