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"I am an Ironman distance, age grouper triathlete trying to qualify for Kona. I have run numerous marathons including 4 Boston Marathons. I have competed in 14 1/2 ironman distances, and 3 full IM distances. Nutrition has always been a struggle... stomach issues, etc.... I can find all kinds of info on training, but few that are helpful as far as race day nutrition. I used e-fuel and e-gel on my last 70.3, had no stomach issues, and won my age group. That being said, I still had questions about nutrition when competing in a full IM. I e-mailed a couple of questions to Crank Sports and instead of sending a generic e-mail back, Mike called me and spent a good 30-45 minutes with me on the phone answering ALL of my questions. It was truly the most helpful information I have had since I began endurance sports years ago. I am going to give my husband all of my Scratch, Carbo Pro, Bonk Breakers, etc., and use nothing but e-fuel and gel. I cannot wait to tell all of my running friends about it tomorrow during our long run. I can't thank you enough, Mike. I don't have a coach and no one has ever spent that much time explaining what I should be doing as far as nutrition is concerned when competing. I am a Crank Sports customer for life. " (...read more)

Vicki Griffin
Leawood, Kansas
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I typically alternated between GU and Roctane on my long runs and Nuun drink tablets in my water bottle. During long training runs, I started having a few stomach issues that I thought were caused by meals the nights before those long training run. During a 50K, I had issues half way through the race and knew it was the Roctane. Cheese quesadillas saved the day, but I decided it was time for something new. I found the Crank Sports website and liked the easy to use comparison chart. I thought I'd give e-Gel a try.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any testing time before my next race. I had to break the golden rule and try something new on race day. I loaded my belt with e-Gel and crossed my fingers. I ran the 2016 Chevron Houston Marathon and it was a great experience. No stomach issues and no muscle cramping. Water in my bottle and an e-Gel every hour got me through the race. I'm not the fastest runner, but I set a PR of 4:50:42 and did not feel destroyed after crossing the finish line.

I am big fan of Mountain Rush and Cherry Bomb and those flavors will be loaded in my belt from this point forward. "
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Jeff Rommel
Houston, Texas
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I am an immunodeficient triathlete who has gone through just about every product on the market. Because my illness my body has difficulty with nutrition absorption and GI distress. After a successful long bike ride (6 hours) without problems during or after I used it on my next race. The results were amazing. My first AG win without any issues or drop in energy late into the race. Thank you Crank Sports!" (...read more)

David Brumley
McKinney, Texas
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I am 35 years old and completed my third marathon, Top Of Utah. Figuring out how to stay hydrated and prevent muscle cramps during long runs and races has been one of my biggest challenges. In the past my muscles would ache and twitch and cause me a lot of pain after long runs. I tried Gatorade and other carb gels but had a hard time finding something that was easy on stomach, kept me from cramping, and helped me avoid bonking. I came across Crank e-Gel this summer" (...read more)

Keith Castleton
Maricopa, Arizona
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"Excellent products. Terrific customer service!

I came across the e-Fuel at the Surf City Marathon in California in 2013. I have been a avid user since. The taste is great - it's not a sticky sweet product. It mixes faster than any other nutrition product. With e-Fuel, I know exactly what I'm getting during multi-hour events. It's light on the stomach and consistently refreshing. I've tried many products over the years and typically get tired of a product after a while; three years and I'm still lovin' it!

Customer service shipments to Maryland has always been quick and responsive."
(...read more)

Mike A
Laurel, Maryland
Sport: Ultra Marathon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"After having difficulty in races where my gastric system would "lock up", I found that I simply couldn't handle gels and electrolyte pills frequently enough to support my needs. I knew that I was still in need of significant calories for my races and a friend introduced me to e-Fuel.

The calorie content and large amount of electrolytes were a perfect balance for my training and racing needs. In addition, because dissolves fast, it was easier for me to increase the concentration without worrying about trying to swallow a thick, clumpy drink.

At Ironman Wisconsin, I raced with 2 bottles of 4x concentrated e-Fuel (800+ calories per bottle) on the bike as my primary nutrition. Using eFuel helped me surpass my goal and register a 13 hour finish time with no cramping or stomach problems. "
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Shaun Gallagher
Tampa, Florida
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Fuel   

"I competed in my first Sprint triathlon using only e-Fuel and e-Gel products. They went down incredibly easily, and didn't give me that sickly feeling the high sugar products do, when you are going all out. When setting up for transition, the e-Fuel mixed perfectly (even in the 40deg F weather), and tasted great; not to sweet. Took a Cherry Bomb gel in on the bike ..." (...read more)

Todd Houston
Calgary, ALBERTA
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"The Los Angeles Marathon was a death march! The temperature at the start was in the lower 80s and climbed to 90 by the time I finished the race. Many people suffered from heat cramps and vomiting, and had to be pulled off the course. But I did NOT suffer from any of those problems, which was probably due to the high sodium content of the e-Gels I ate during the race; I ate 5 of them!" (...read more)

Lisa Kaspin
Los Angeles, California
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I just used e-gel as one of my primary energy sources in my first 100 mile trail run and had great results! I never felt sick and had even energy throughout the event. I have used this product through numerous Ironman Triathlons, 50mile, 50k,100k, and now a 100 mile ultra with success. It goes down easily and the convenient pouch makes it easy for ME to control my nutrition throughout races. I know what I am getting, and it works with predictable excellence every time." (...read more)

Matt Bartz
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sport: Ultra Running, Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I was introduced to e-Gel by a fellow marathoner after I ran the Madison marathon in May. During the Madison race, as in others, I had problems with dehydration. I know I lose a lot of salt in a long race, but sports drinks don't agree with my stomach. Only being able to drink water, it was simply impossible to get enough electrolytes with other gels.

This past weekend I ran a 50-mile ultramarathon, the second year I ran the race. Last year, I also had problems with dehydration and muscle cramping. This year, having used e-Gel in training over the summer, I used e-Gel, and ONLY e-Gel, during the race--13 packets of it--with water. Despite the day being about 15 degrees warmer than last year, I managed my hydration well AND cut over an hour off my time by being able to run "harder, faster, longer." I attribute the better hydration to e-Gel. Also, the larger pack size, and greater calorie count, were both assets during a long race."
(...read more)

Michael Voelker
Pulaski, Wisconsin
Sport: Running, Ultra Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I started using e-Gel during my training for the Marine Corps Marathon. I had tried (and gave up on) other gels because my stomach couldnt' handle the heavy consistency, and also because they just didn't seem to add very much edge to my performance.

A running club friend suggested I give e-Gel a try. Running in the typical East Coast summer heat and humidity this summer, I couldn't help but feel the immediate bounce from e-Gel - for some reason it absorbs faster than anything else I've tried. I decided to buy a box and go with the Crank PR guarantee, and I went through the remainder of my training season with e-Gel. During that time I easily PR's a half-marathon and saw training times steadily improving.

My run at the Marine Corps Marathon went very well, and I did PR, so I won't be getting the free box of e-Gel. Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to buy another one when I start training in January for my first trip to Boston!

(...read more)

Steve Muchnick
Ellicott City, Maryland
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I am into canoe racing i have tried other gels (gu, powergel,etc.) and i liked their taste but they didn't sit well in my stomach. I was for the first time last year entering a 70 mi. race the general clinton in N.Y. I wanted to find a gel that did upset my stomach and thats when I found e.gel. I was leary on ordering a gel online but am I ever glad I did! Not only does it taste great but it sits well too." (...read more)

Hans Harris
Orange, Massachusetts
Sport: Canoe Racing
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I'm a 50 year old ultra running competing in 100 mile and 50 mile races. Like everyone else doing these types of runs in extreme conditions I experienced GI problems using a verity of products until I tried Cank. It was easy to get down and I could feel an immediate boost with minutes. Soon it became my fuel of choice ( in 50 mile runs I consume as many as 10-15 packets and in 100 milers as many as 20-25). It has never hurt my stomach and I'm usually able to stay on top of my energy level through out an event. Since using Crank E-Gels I have completed two Wasatch 100 mile runs, two Leadville 100 mile runs and the Tahoe Rim Trail 100 run and will be using using Cank in volume at Western States 100 and the Tour Du Mont Blanc in Chamonix, France. Thanks for great product!" (...read more)

George Ruiz
Carson City, Nevada
Sport: Ultra Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"After running 7 marathons, for my 8th LA marathon I have finally found a solution to hitting the wall and not running out of fuel. Also it is SO amazing how I can now drink all the water I need along the way and not have to hit the potty at all. The rep at the expo told me I wouldn't have to go to the bathroom at all, after drinking 14 oz of water with the gel every 5 miles and I told him he was absolutely nuts. My usually weak bladder was in disbelief !! He was so right.

What a great product I found at the LA Marathon expo booth. My stomach normally can't tolerate any of the other gels and the snacks I used to eat on the races, would not fuel my body well enough, but e-gel really agrees with me and tastes and goes down WAY better too. Amazing product-THANK YOU!"
(...read more)

Sandy Meyerowitz
Valley Glen, California
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"On July 8th I rode the Prouty 100 mile fundraiser for cancer at Dartmouth in NH with Debbie Chase and Carrie Nourjian. We finished in 6 hrs and 40 minutes and felt great the whole way thanks to e-Gel and e-Fuel. kept a consistent energy level during the ride by switching from e-gel one hour to fuel the next. Not bad for 3 women around 50 working fulltime trying to make time for rides in-bewteen busy schedules. There were 2000 riders that day who raised over a million dollars for cancer research;great effort everyone. The most important thing for me to mention about the use of the e-products is that I never have stomach problems or cramps anymore, can feel the energy instantly after ingesting either the liquid or the gel and always feel like I can keep going even when I am tired from a long ride. e-Fuel is great to drink while spinning inside during the winter also. Love the products and keep coming back for more." (...read more)

Leslie Campbell
Stowe, Vermont
Sport: Cycling
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I am a typical New Yorker. My work schedule rotates weekly and often within a week. I train when I can and not on a set schedule. I decided on a half Iron triathlon as a training goal. I had no coach then or now to help me. I started using e-fuel after my first 1/2 iron Triathlon. I did not have a good plan on how to properly fuel myself during an event. I had moderate success at the race and continued to use the product. I did not use e-gel at all for the first race. I did a lot of reading on products and tried to change my training and race fueling to improve my performance. My performance has improved and I believe these products have had a great deal to do with it. I have contacted Crank both by email and on the telephone. I have received honest and valuable answers. This is a great company. I just completed the Tupper Lake Tinman, a half iron event ...." (...read more)

Edwin Croucher
Oswego, New York
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I was having horrible blood sugar and electrolyte crashes during my long events (half Ironman & half to full marathons). I decided to try to find a new gel and drink with more electrolytes. I found such great success with e-Fuel! No more bonking in the last few miles of my events! One of my friends, who owns a running shoe store, was having similar issues. I told her about e-Fuel and gave her a sample. She didn't try it for months, claiming a sensitive stomach. Finally, out of desperation, she tried it. She loved it so much, she now carries e-Fuel products in her store! Thanks for success x 2 in the hot, humid summers of Florida!" (...read more)

Sue F
Cape Coral, Florida
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I picked up some e-Gel at the fitness expo before my first marathon. I hadn't seen the product before and I was taking a chance using the first time during a race, but it worked well. I have been using it ever since in marathons and triathlons and have never had a problem with nausea, having it sit in my stomach like a brick and hinder the absorption of water like some other products I have used. Plus it went down easy. This spring I qualified for the Boston Marathon using e-Gel! " (...read more)

James Borden
Farmington, Utah
Sport: Running, Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I am an avid Ice Hockey player and Mountain Biker and have been using GU Gel and a variety of sports drinks for sustained energy. I noticed a significant improvement in my energy level and duration. Both e-Gel and e-Fuel provide energy that doesn't feel like a rush like other products produce. I have also noticed that I don't crash after a hockey game or mountain bike ride like I did on other products. Plus, I never get a stomach ache like I would with other products. I am telling all of my fellow athletes about how e-fuel and e-gell are much better than any other products I have tried." (...read more)

Brett Vogel
Yorba Linda, California
Sport: Hockey, Mountain Biking
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"Finally found a product that allows me to drink only water and not the gatorade type beverages that make me nauseated during a marathon...Using this product allowed me to run and qualify for Boston in 2006 and I have not used another product since." (...read more)

Diane Cornale
Oak Creek , Wisconsin
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"Newer to long distance running (trails) I have wrestled with being able to fuel, stay hydrated and not puke at or near the end of any distance run after the 21+ mile mark. Nothing would stay down. I have a long time competitive cylcing background and never had fuel/stomach issues. After reading loads of related articles and trying every product out there by the top names in ultra distance event fuels I was coming to the conclusion this was just my draw. After using your product on a 50K (Shadow of the Giants) and in the prepatory training, I believe I have found my product! Yay, and thank you Crank Sports. " (...read more)

Sarah Barron
Glendora, California
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"e-Gel is doing a perfect job in keeping me re-fuled and highly energized through long endurance events. I just completed Half-Ironman distance event, where I consumed 12 packs of e-Gel. I felt energized throughout the event, and had no side effects whatsoever (cramps, stomach issues, etc.). " (...read more)

Yishay Yovel
Sunnyvale, California
Sport: Running, Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I love your product. I ran my first marathon in November, the Philly Marathon. I had struggled during my early part of my training with nausea and even thrown up a few times on the run using other energy gels or drinks. After I found eGel, I never felt sick again." (...read more)

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

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