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People LOVE the TASTE of e-Gel and e-Fuel

"I just finished my first marathon, and I am singing the praises of your product! I have been training with Team In Training/Greater Los Angeles Chapter/Long Beach since May. .... At first, I bought them just because I LOVED the taste compared to the Clif shots I had been using. Also, I LOVED the consistency of your e-Gel, in that I didn't feel like I had to chew it!" (...read more)

Nadine Echeverry
Lakewood, California
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"Three hours into an agressive 5 hour ride, my legs were cooked, and my body needed electrolytes in a bad way. I shot another brand of energy gel and come to find out the gel had gone bad. I had no other means on me, when a training partner handed me what turned out to be the best tasting, quickest reacting energy gel I had ever used. Not only did the Tropical Blast e-Gel get me through the remainder of our ride, it made an immediate impact on my new gel of choice. I don't leave the house without a supply of my new best friends: Tropical Blast and Cherry Bomb. Thanks for finally making a gel that works AND tastes great. " (...read more)

Ken Brown
Dunwoody, Georgia
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel   

"Excellent products. Terrific customer service!

I came across the e-Fuel at the Surf City Marathon in California in 2013. I have been a avid user since. The taste is great - it's not a sticky sweet product. It mixes faster than any other nutrition product. With e-Fuel, I know exactly what I'm getting during multi-hour events. It's light on the stomach and consistently refreshing. I've tried many products over the years and typically get tired of a product after a while; three years and I'm still lovin' it!

Customer service shipments to Maryland has always been quick and responsive."
(...read more)

Mike A
Laurel, Maryland
Sport: Ultra Marathon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I tried using e-Gel becuase I have been hospitalized a few times due to low sodium levels after competition. Living in the south, where it is hot and humid, sodium intake is a must for the endurance athlete. Your products have the increased % of electrolytes that I need, and they taste great. " (...read more)

Keith Marshall
Alpharetta, Georgia
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I LOVE e-Fuel and e-Gel!!!! e-Fuel is the best tasteing sport drink ever!!!!! and e-Gel puts a hole new stage on energy gels. Its got to be the taste. Keep up the good work. By the way who ever made this yum stuff is brillaint." (...read more)

Bailey Drake
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
Sport: Climbing/Hiking
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I competed in my first Sprint triathlon using only e-Fuel and e-Gel products. They went down incredibly easily, and didn't give me that sickly feeling the high sugar products do, when you are going all out. When setting up for transition, the e-Fuel mixed perfectly (even in the 40deg F weather), and tasted great; not to sweet. Took a Cherry Bomb gel in on the bike ..." (...read more)

Todd Houston
Calgary, ALBERTA
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I was happily able to complete my first marathon due in large part to using e-Gel during the race. These products taste great and do simply what they were created to do. I used e-Gel and e-Fuel during my training for the Kiawah Island Marathon. If you follow the usage directions that Crank Sports suggests, you can't go wrong. I wholeheartedly recommend these products to all endurance athletes. " (...read more)

Craig Nessel
Moncks Corner, South Carolina
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I just wanted you to know that I do like your product. I used it during the CIM marathon in Sacramento and during my training runs etc.. I like it for several reasons, one is it's not so thick so it goes down easy. It tastes good and it gives me a great energy boost. " (...read more)

Michael Keller
Visalia, California
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I love this stuff, no matter how many miles I have run, or how my stomach is feeling during a run or race, the Crank products go down easy. I guess it's because they taste so good. In October I will be running my first 100 mile ultra race, the San Diego 100. I'm not sure what products will be at the aid stations, but e-Gel and e-Fuel is what I will be using. This stuff is GREAT!" (...read more)

Tanya Johnson
Rancho Cucamonga, California
Sport: Ultra Running
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I've tried all the competition gels for long bike rides but the e-gel was head and shoulders above the others in performance and in taste. Knowing what doesn't work gets you closer to what does.... and that's Crank's e-Gel. Thanks Todd" (...read more)

Todd Sorrel
Austin, Texas
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel   

"Wow! What a difference in taste, and most important, in performance" (...read more)

Marc Mears
Fort Mill, South Carolina
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"Since using your products I very rarely take salt tabs anymore. e-Gel/e-Fuel are by far the best tasting gels and drinks I have used yet. The balance of simple and complex carbs is perfect. This was a training/competing lifesaver finding you guy's." (...read more)

Brian Mackenzie
Costa Mesa, California
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"Great tasting and great performing stuff!! The Crank Sports customer service is also top notch. You have EARNED my business...I have been impressed." (...read more)

Ryan Robinson
Lawrence, Kansas
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Fuel   

"Average Joe review....I am scuba diving instructor and for my birthday I decided to start some running. As I began to train for running I was introduced to the "other" gel. It did not do much for me nor did it taste very good. I discovered Crank e-Gel on my own and orderd the trial pack to see if it worked. The answer: YES and it tasted better that the other stuff. The energy levels are more sustained and not as "peaked" as some of the others. I am so pleased with the results I get that I am not only using e-gel for my runs (I am only doing half marathons at this time) but also for my scuba diving as well. I love the hydration and energy I get from e-Gel in between my 2nd and 3rd deep dives and my half marathons. e-Gel really is SUPERIOR to all the others. I am just a regular guy, master scuba diver, sky diver, commercial plot, mountain biker and now a half marathoner...I am 60 years young and very e-gelerized!! " (...read more)

Fillmore Crank
Carmichael, California
Sport: Running, Scuba Diving
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I have been training for the Kansas 70.3 triathlon and doing some experimenting with my nutrituion. I have found e-Gel to give me the most energy of all the gels I have tried. More importantly they have not caused any stomach problems and they really taste GREAT. I did a BRICK today and felt better than I ever have.

Thanks for the great product and help in getting me prepared for my race this summer. "
(...read more)

Thad Butcher
Rogers, Arkansas
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"e-Gel quickly became my favorite energy source. For long endurance rides or my daily 25-30 mile practice rides e-Gel gives me the boost I need to finish my rides without bonking. Plus it tastes much better than the other gels on the market. " (...read more)

Mike Atchley
Kingfisher, Oklahoma
Sport: Cycling
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I began competing in Tri's 4 years ago. Crank was my first gel product. I have tried other gels. But nothing compares to the boost and superb taste that Crank gives you. I tell newbies, if you hate the taste of gels...then tri the real gel, Crank. This year I'm gunning for my first Ironman. There is no doubt I'm carrying Crank with me for my 140.6 mile journey. Anything else would be cheating myself of the finish line.

Thanks again Crank!!!"
(...read more)

John Migliori
Berkeley Heights , New Jersey
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I was sponsored by PowerBar as a pro climber for over a decade and loved their products. Now as a competitive road racer I needed a product that was easy to use and tatsted good. Eating on the bike is paramount. I use e-Gel on a regular basis I am a convert. The thinner consistency, better taste, easy opening and larger size are some of my favorite characteristics. Easy online ordering with direct cash savings rewards certainly help as well." (...read more)

Kenny Matys
Boca Raton, Florida
Sport: Cycling, Climbing
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I have been running marathons for 12 years now and have never been able to abtain my goal of qualifying for Boston. A friend handed me a packet of e-Gel on a training run since I had run out for the last 8 miles of a 18 mile run. Crank gave me the extra energy to finish my run and feel great. I was hooked on the feeling as well as the taste.

I used e-Gel the next six weeks of my training and during the marathon. Needless to say, Crank's guarantee was a success. I had my best time ever in my twelve years of running marathons and finally qualified for Boston! Who would have ever thought I could get faster as I got older!!

I'm a true believer and will continue to use e-Gel as I train for Boston! Thanks!"
(...read more)

Nola Seaberg
Des Moines, Iowa
Sport: Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I first discovered e-Gel at the L.A. marathon expo. I was kind of skeptical about how good it worked and was it really worth spending the extra money for the gels. The gels helped me complete my first marathon and they taste much better than Power gels or Cliff shots. I compared the nutrition facts on each of the labels and the e-Gel is much better than the others. It is the best gel product out there!!! I am a firm believer in e-Gels and I use them for everyone of my 60 mile cycling rides every Saturday and everyone of my brick workouts. I never forget to take them along with me to my triathlons, marathons and half marathons. When my friends are bonking, I'm still going!!! Thank you Crank Sports!!!" (...read more)

Joseph Delgadillo
Monterey Park, California
Sport: Triathlon, Running
Products Used: e-Gel   

"I love e-Gel and e-Fuel it not only works better but tastes 100% better that the other nutrition gels!!!!! Thanks Crank Sports!" (...read more)

Alhen Drillich
Seminole, Florida
Sport: Triathlon
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

"I dread the other thick gels because it takes a longer time to swallow and digest it. The taste actually has a great flavor unlike some other tooth paste gels. Another important reason to use Crank Gel is that you get an additional 50 calories compared to other gels, which in most cases will prevent you from bonking. " (...read more)

Ron Berman
Staten Island, New York
Sport: Triathlon, Duathlon
Products Used: e-Gel   

"Gels I've used prior would include Hammer, Honey Stinger, GU, and VFuel. Carb/Electrolyte drinks would include Hammer HEED, VFuel, and Tailwind ... I can say hands down these products are by far the best in both categories" (...read more)

Frank Noble
Dallas, Georgia
Sport: Ultra Running
Products Used: e-Gel and e-Fuel   

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