Crank Sports Company Overview

Crank Sports was founded in 2001 by Mike Mathewson, the company's current President. Mike has been a competitive endurance athlete the majority of his life, and after starting, growing and selling two technology companies he decided to turn his passion for endurance sports into his career. Our motivation comes from the fact that most sports nutrition products were not developed with the athlete in mind. Instead, all too often the emphasis is on sales and profits. To increase sales, companies design products that appeal to the mass market which typically means lots of sugar and artificial sweeteners. To further increase profits they use inexpensive ingredients and leave out the important ones. While this may be a successful formula to maximize profits, it doesn't do a very good job of helping athletes to improve athletic performance.

Today Crank Sports manufactures premium energy gels and hydration drinks for endurance athletes that provide balanced energy, hydration and electrolyte replacement. Our mission has three goals:

1) To design and manufacture products that are better than any of our competitors

With e-Gel and e-Fuel we believe we have achieved this goal, but we encourage you to judge for yourself. Check out our head to head comparisons between e-Gel and the leading energy gels and e-Fuel and the leading sports drinks.

2) To educate as many athletes as possible on proper "during event" sports nutrition

This is never ending but critically important because there is a tremendous void of accurate advice. The result is that most athletes are not achieving their potential and even worse they are unnecessarily increasing their risk of injury. As we achieve our first two goals, one athlete at a time, we will achieve our ultimate goal:

3) To allow you to "be your best"

Too many athletes put in the hard training, buy all the gear, read all the magazines and blogs, but fail to have a solid nutrition plan based on science. The good news is that a good plan is not hard, it's not expensive and we guarantee that it will make a difference! Let us help you to be your best now

We Don't Re-invent Science
Everything that we do is based on research that is supported by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), because they are a truly independent body that has one objective: to determine how to improve athletic performance. They have been doing it for decades and it is the ONLY research that we trust enough to base our products on. It seems like every year there is a new hot product that has discovered some magical ingredient, or a mythical "optimum ratio" of ingredients, or the ability to provide energy without calories. If athletes fall for it there's lots of money to be made ... right now there are two companies selling plain old table sugar (sucrose) with some electrolytes and flavoring for $20 per pound! They're laughing all the way to the bank because they have convinced many, many athletes that lots of simple sugars are good. As you spend time on this website you'll learn everything you need to know (spoiler alert: there are multiple reasons why you want to limit your simple sugar intake and focus on complex carbohydrates). We're look forward to the opportunity to help you to be your best :)

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