Radical Raspberry ... Macie's Flavor!

The story behind the flavor ...

For the first 12 years e-Fuel was available in the same three flavors (Mountain Rush, Citrus Slam and Tropical Blast). As we began working on the new powder version our plan was to initially stick with same flavors because they're all popular.

One night I was working at home reviewing our new product development plans and I decided to have my daughter Macie look at what we were working on. As an aspiring photographer and musician I truly appreciate her artistic input and her sense of style and taste. When she looked at the plans she immediately said, "that all looks great dad, but it's really time you guys came out with a new flavor ... you need to make raspberry." Sounds great ... we're going to need a name for it I said. Not five minutes later she came back into my office and told me she had the name, "Radical Raspberry". Okay, we'll do it I told her ... and so ended the quickest product development meeting ever! The next day I had the flavorists start working on new flavor samples, and our color house began working on a natural raspberry color. Fortunately everything fell quickly into place and we were able to rush things through in time for the product launch. So try some Radical Raspberry e-Fuel today, you'll love it!

Mike Mathewson
Crank Sports, Inc.

About Macie Mathewson
Crank Sports is the third business I've owned and by far the best part of working for yourself is being able to set your own schedule and make the most of the time with your kids before they go off on their own. I have two older boys (Price and Parker) and Macie is the youngest. Macie graduated a few years ago and she is currently working at Crank Sports in customer service part time while preparing to launch her own line of products and on-line business in early 2018 ... stay tuned!

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