Low sugar, high complex carbohydrate blend delivers up to 75% more energy than high sugar drinks and helps avoid blood sugar spikes and crashes. Gluten free and NO artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners ... Just Clean Energy!

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Head to Head Comparisons (click your drink):

Accelerade Accelerade Hydro Cytomax Clif SHOT Electrolyte First Endurance EFS FRS Gatorade GQ-6 Flooid GU Brew GU Hydration Mix GU Roctane Hammer HEED Osmo Active Hydration Powerbar Endurance Skratch Hydration Tailwind UCAN

10 Reasons to Switch to e-Fuel

 Complex Carbs
  (lots of them!)

During athletic activity your body depends on your glycogen stores as its primary source of energy, and to a lesser degree on your body fat. Fat is an inefficient fuel source in comparison and therefore you are not able to achieve optimum performance when relying on fat as a significant source of energy. During endurance sports this raises a dilemma because your glycogen stores can only hold about 2,000 calories. Depending on your diet prior to your workout or competition, you may actually have significantly less available energy in your glycogen stores.

Fortunately there is a third source of energy - blood sugar. The beauty of a good sports drink is that it is rapidly absorbed in your small intestine, thus providing energy in the form of blood sugar that can supplement your glycogen stores. However, not all sports drinks are created equal, and if you want to achieve optimum performance then it is important to use a product that will deliver maximum energy to your body while also maintaining proper hydration and electrolyte balance. The key to maximizing energy is complex carbohydrates.

When selecting a sports drink, don't just look at the calorie count - look at the carbohydrate sources. Because of the way sports drinks are absorbed by your body, you should look for high levels of complex carbohydrates. e-Fuel derives 71% of it's carbohydrate energy from complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin), significantly more than the leading sports drinks. Because of this, e-Fuel provides up to 75% more energy than other competing drinks (how is that possible? more info).

Complex Carb Comparison:

  Product Complex
Carb Ratio
  e-Fuel Endurance Blend 71%  
  GU Hydration Mix 50%  
  Clif SHOT Electrolyte 47%  
  Cytomax 45%  
  Powerbar Perform 45%  
  EFS Endurance 33%  
  Accelerade Hydro 20%  
  Accelerade 5%  
  Skratch Labs Hydration 5%  
  Osmo Active Hydration 0%  
  Tailwind 0%  
  Gatorade Endurance 0%  
  Gatorade Perform 0%  

 Low Sugar

If we spike the level of our blood sugar then we have lots of energy ... for a little while, and then we come crashing down. This doesn't work so well for "endurance" athletes. Simple sugars can do just that, a little bit is okay but too much will quickly raise your blood sugar. If it could stay elevated life would be great, but unfortunately it can't, and when it comes back down it drops (crashes) well below where it started.

When this happens during athletic activity it is a dual edged sword. Your performance will drop as the blood sugar drops because your body is depending on that energy, and your body will no longer be able to as efficiently convert your muscle glycogen into usable energy ... here comes the BONK!!!

The goal is to maintain a consistent blood sugar level without the spikes and crashes, and this is achieved by relying primarily on complex carbohydrates and low sugar levels.

Simple Sugar Comparison:

  Product Simple Sugars  
  e-Fuel Endurance Blend 29%  
  GU Hydration Mix 50%  
  Clif SHOT Electrolyte 53%  
  Cytomax 55%  
  Powerbar Perform 55%  
  EFS Endurance 67%  
  Accelerade Hydro 80%  
  Accelerade 95%  
  Skratch Labs Hydration 95%  
  Osmo Active Hydration 100%  
  Tailwind 100%  
  Gatorade Endurance 100%  
  Gatorade Perform 100%  

  (complete and balanced)

Endurance athletes sweat ... a lot! When we sweat it cools down the body through evaporation, but unfortunately sweat contains critical electrolytes that need to be replaced in order to maintain hydration, avoid cramping and reduce the risk of injury. If we drink water it rehydrates us but we don't get the electrolytes we need.

At Crank Sports we design all of our products to replace critical electrolytes at rates recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine. So unless you have an unusual electrolyte imbalance (consult with your physician), the electrolytes in e-Fuel should provide complete and balanced replacement.

Recommended Electrolyte Replacement
500 mg Sodium per liter (34 oz) of consumed fluid
200 mg Potassium per liter (34 oz) of consumed fluid
 Happy Stomach

Many of our competitors use Xylitol, Sucralose and other artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes in an effort to make their drinks sweeter without adding sugars. The problem is that these ingredients are well documented to cause gas, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems ... never a good thing for an endurance athlete. Be very aware of what's in your sports nutrition produts.

e-Fuel Endurance Blend contains no artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes, never has and never will!
 Rapid Absorption

Rapid absorption is critical because you want to get the hydration, energy and electrolyte benefits from the drink and you don't want it sloshing around your stomach. The key to rapid absorption is ensuring that you are consuming "isotonic" solutions (concentration approximately equal to your cellular fluids). When mixed as recommended, e-Fuel Endurance Blend is isotonic, thus allowing for rapid hydration, electrolyte replacement and sustained energy.

e-Fuel contains antioxidant vitamins C and E to protect against tissue damage, reduce soreness and aid in recovery. This is achieved by neutralizing free radicals that are produced by the muscle's use of oxygen during intense athletic activity.
 Rapid Mix

One of the biggest complaints that we hear about powders is that they are hard to mix. We worked long and hard on this one before launching our powder product. Our solution? e-Fuel Endurance Blend, the first Rapid MixTM powdered sports drink! Rapid mix powder you say? That's right, we use a process to essentially "puff up" the powder particles, thus exposing more surface area to the water and resulting in a powder that dissolves more rapidly. That's cool.
 Just Clean Energy!

e-Fuel is Gluten Free and contains No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweeteners
 Dare to Compare ...

One of the most common questions we get is "how does e-Fuel compare to what I'm using now?" Good news, we've put together head-to-head comparisons between e-Fuel and most leading sports drinks:

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 Great Flavors
Now also available in single serve packs
each pack makes 24 ounces
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Here's some additional information on packaging, ingredients, nutrition facts, recommended usage, etc.:


1.96 lb canister
48 8 oz servings per canister

Also available in singe serve packets, each pack makes 24 ounces.

Recommended Usage

Standard Mix
1 scoop per 8 oz water
3 scoops per 24 oz bottle

The "Standard Mix" is the typical ratio that we recommend for moderate to intense athletic activity. This mix makes a solution that is slightly less concentrated than your body fluids so it is very rapidly absorbed while still providing the energy (210 calories per 24 oz bottle) and electrolytes that you need to perform. For extremely intense and/or longer duration activities you may want to increase the concentration to the "Max Energy Mix"

Max Energy Mix
3 1/2 scoops per 24 oz bottle

The "Max Energy Mix" will make a solution that is isotonic (approx. same concentration as your body fluids) so it can be rapidly absorbed and deliver maximum energy (240 calories per 24 oz bottle) and electrolyte benefits. As you add powder beyond this amount the solution will increase in concentration (become hypertonic) and thus the absorption rate will slow.

Maltodextrin, Fructose, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Natural Color, Vitamin C, Vitamin E
Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 Scoop
Servings Per Canister: 48
Calories 70
Total Fat 0g
Total Carbohydrate 17g
   Dietary Fiber 0g
   Sugars 5g
Protein 0g
Sodium 130mg
Potassium 50mg
Vitamin C 60% DV
Vitamin E 40% DV

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