Go HARDER, FASTER, LONGER with Crank Sports!
Go HARDER, FASTER, LONGER with Crank Sports!
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Another Satisfied

"I am an Ironman distance, age grouper triathlete trying to qualify for Kona. I have run numerous marathons including 4 Boston Marathons. I have competed in 14 1/2 ironman distances, and 3 full IM distances. Nutrition has always been a struggle... stomach issues, etc.... I can find all kinds of info on training, but few that are helpful as far as race day nutrition. I used e-fuel and e-gel on my last 70.3, had no stomach issues, and won my age group. That being said, I still had questions about nutrition when competing in a full IM. I e-mailed a couple of questions to Crank Sports and instead of sending a generic e-mail back, Mike called me and spent a good 30-45 minutes with me on the phone answering ALL of my questions. It was truly the most helpful information I have had since I began endurance sports years ago. I am going to give my husband all of my Scratch, Carbo Pro, Bonk Breakers, etc., and use nothing but e-fuel and gel. I cannot wait to tell all of my running friends about it tomorrow during our long run. I can't thank you enough, Mike. I don't have a coach and no one has ever spent that much time explaining what I should be doing as far as nutrition is concerned when competing. I am a Crank Sports customer for life. " (read more)   

Vicki Griffin
Product: e-Fuel
Sport: Triathlon
Leawood, Kansas
User since: May 2016

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Osmolality is the measure of concentration of a fluid. Depending on the concentration, an ingested fluid can be either hypertonic (more concentrated than your body fluids), isotonic (equal in concentration to your body fluids) or hypotonic (less concentrated than your body fluids).

Hypotonic solutions such as water do a good job of hydrating your body. Unfortunately they bring very little, if any, energy and electrolyte replacement benefits into the cellular system.

Isotonic solutions can also provide rapid hydration, and they have the potential advantage of bringing significant energy and electrolyte replacement benefits into the cellular system. e-Fuel is an Isotonic solution.

Hypertonic solutions are absorbed at a slower rate than hypotonic or isotonic solutions, thus delaying the desired hydration and energy benefits. During training or competition, hypertonic solutions can also have a dehydrating effect as your body draws on it's available fluids to dilute the solution down to an isotonic level. 

OIsmolality is only one part of the equation. It is also important to look at the carbohydrate sources used in your sports drink. Simple sugars that are often found in sports drinks have the effect of raising the osmolality more rapidly compared to equal amounts of complex carbohydrates. For this reason, drinks made with maltodextrin (a complex carbohydrate) can provide significantly more energy benefits in an isotonic state.

e-Fuel derives 71% of it's carbohydrate energy from complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin), significantly more than the leading sports drinks. Because of this, e-Fuel provides up to 75% more energy than other isotonic sports drinks containing glucose, sucrose and dextrose. Equally as important is the rate at which energy is delivered to your body,  and e-Fuel's sustained energy formula is designed to avoid blood sugar fluctuations that lead to the dreaded "bonk".


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